It was 6:00 on a chilly spring morning in the rural town where my family lived. I was twelve years old and eager to start my adventure of the day. I had my trusty Kodak 110 Instamatic camera in hand and I was ready to make magic happen with it. The night before droves of hungry newly transformed toads started emerging from the nearby pond to scatter in every direction. I positioned myself at what was sure to be the main focal point of the day. It was a massive anthill about twenty yards away from the pond with tiny brown ants that were sure to stand firm. I had it all plotted out in my mind how I would capture on film the two forces meeting head to head. I was going to be so epic that my photos would be in National Geographic for sure. That was over forty years ago and the eagerness and excitement I had at twelve to tell a story with my camera still persists today.

My name is Wes Jimerson and I am a freelance photographer working in the greater Sacramento area. For the last couple of decades I’ve had an assortment of gigs utilizing various skills and methods of photography.  I’ve done some work for a political consultant, graphic designers, newspapers, and a custom car builder. I’ve done wedding pictures, portraits, commercial photos, fine art prints and exhibits, sports, stock images and more. 

Lets talk. Tell me about your event and describe how you would like it to be presented. Together we can devise a strategy to bring your vision to life. You can trust me to respect your thoughts, address your concerns, and honor your beliefs in the process of preserving your story forever.

By the way, the toads I told you about earlier wanted nothing to do with the tiny ants. The amphibians went wide around the anthill to avoid any conflict.

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