Every day behind the camera is an adventure. Occasional trips out of the country or state where I live are easy departures from the normal day-to-day routine but I also see beauty in the details of my own neighborhood.  Many times I’ve stopped to take a photograph of something of brilliant natural beauty and find something equally as interesting but perhaps not as shiny in the opposite direction. That’s why I always take a 360-degree approach to a location. I’ll just take a moment to turn all the way around, which probably looks a bit funny to a passerby.  Another approach to fine art imagery happens when I see an object or place from an unusual angle or notice the way that something moves.  This observation inspires a composition brought to life using photographic techniques, imagination and software.  In the end I hope to show what my mind’s eye sees.  Either way I just want to create some really cool images.  

These images and many more are available for purchase at: https://wes-jimerson.pixels.com.

I hope you enjoy.

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